The Thing About AccuFund

The Thing about AccuFund is FLEXIBILITY.

With any software system, you buy it thinking it’s “the one”.  You work hard, make a list of your needs, review a bunch of software packages, and pick the one that looks the best and comes closest to what you need.

But, BAMMO!  One month after writing the check for what you think is the best answer to your needs, you find your needs have changed.  Or, sadly, you realize that you about forgot some important thing.

Now let me digress for a moment and discuss programmer sanity. I am convinced that the AccuFund programmers are a little “nuts”.  (Don’t tell them I said so.)  Given the choice between making AccuFund look prettier or making it more flexible, they choose “more flexible”.  Given the choice between completing a new module right now (when I want it) or making it more flexible, they choose “more flexible”.  They have chosen “more flexible” in ways I am still discovering in modules that I have worked with for years.  They always choose “more flexible”.   It’s a monomania.

Okay, enough of that.  Thanks for indulging me.  You get the idea; AccuFund programmers are “nuts”.  For them, it’s sad.  For you, though, it’s a good thing.  It’s a gift, found money, an Easter egg in the grass.

You see, with AccuFund, when you discover, a month after writing the check, that your needs have changed, you also discover that AccuFund’s flexibility means it can probably be made to do what you want.

Until you experience it you can’t really understand what I mean, but let me try an analogy.  AccuFund doesn’t just give you a bunch of prefabricated boxes for your data and processes to use.  It does that, of course, but it also gives you a box and process FACTORY.  Your HR system doesn’t track what you want?  Change it.  You want your payroll system to track or do things you have been using spreadsheets to track or do?  Okay, kill the spreadsheets and let AccuFund do it.  Are you tired of using spreadsheets to perform all or part of a complicated allocation that you can’t imagine any non-custom software system doing?  Get ready for a surprise.  You need to send data to or receive data from an external system?  No problem.  I’d go on, but I can see that some of you are dozing off.

I tell my clients that the hardest thing about AccuFund is keeping your eyes open and recognizing the places where it could make your life easier.  (Or, for you managers, recognizing the places where it could make your office more efficient and delay the time when you have to hire more staff to handle the ever-increasing workload.)

It’s flexible.  Really.  That’s the thing about AccuFund.